Monday, May 5, 2014

Henderson Race Recap and a World Team Selection!

Each race is a learning experience, and even as a professional who has been running track for years, one would think I have seen it all, done (a lot of) it all, and learned it all.  Nope.  It's quite the opposite actually.  It is very rare that a race will go exactly as planned and your body will respond exactly as expected or wanted.  If it has ever happened to any of you, I applaud you!

Last week, I yet again had a learning experience during my race at the West Chester Henderson meet.  "You made the same mistake TWICE dummy!"  That's what I was telling myself after my second place effort in 1:47.  Two weeks ago I had made the mistake of running in lane two during the last 200 meters of my race which was a complete waste of energy.  Early in running I was told to not pass on the turns unless it was 100% necessary and I was 100% positive that I could make the pass quickly.  There I am on Friday night running the last turn of the last lap...all in lane two!  I probably ran a few extra meters during that 100 meters of the race, which was unnecessary.  And I heard about it afterwards from Coach Gags!

Other than that mistake, I was relatively pleased with my race.  My body felt great through the first 650 meters, which is not something that happens often during the first 800 meter race of the season.  Usually, lactic acid tends to get the better of me and feel like I'm running in quick sand during the last home stretch.  Anyway, I'm happy with where I'm at physically and I know I'll be ready to really get after it during my next race at the Oxy High Performance Meet at Occidental College on May 15.

In other news...I was informed last night that I have made team USA for the World Relays on May 25!  I will be running the 4x800 relay which will be competing against countries from across the globe.  It's the first time that this meet will be held, and this year it's in the Bahamas!  That will definitely be an added bonus.  As I put out on twitter today, I am honored to be chosen to compete for my country.  I love putting on the USA uniform.  It's one of those dreams that you hope come true as a young runner.  But we won't be going there just for the experience.  It's all about bringing home that gold medal!!!!

Until then, it's time to get back to training! Here is my training from last week...

April 28 - May 4

8 mile recovery run

4x800 3x200
Weight Session

8 mile recovery run

8 mile recovery run

West Chester Henderson 800m (1:47)
14 mile long run

8 mile recovery run

Total Mileage: 61

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