Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Indoor/Outdoor Transition

There hasn’t been much going on this past week.  It’s that in-between period where there is no racing or training to do, yet all you want to do is train or race.  Mentally, I was still recovering from the USA Championships.  Physically, I don’t think I needed too much time off.  I took the first two days of the week off just to let my legs recover from the racing the weekend before.

Coach Gags and I talked and laid out a little bit of game plan for the upcoming weeks.  Tuesday through Sunday I went out and ran some nice slow runs.  No watch, no specific distance to hit, no goal mileage for the week.  It’s sometimes best to get out on the roads and get back to a starting point for the outdoor season.  It is a long, grueling season that can span for up to 6 months for some athletes.

This week (currently), we decided to start getting back into our routine of three workouts a week and building the strength program again.  And from there, we will take everything week by week and evaluate how my body is feeling.  Some of the best advice that I can give to young runners is listen, and work, with your coach.  A lot of times they have other athletes who might have other goals or plans.  It’s good to talk with them and discuss your current situation and how it will work into everyone else’s training programs.  When I say that, I don’t mean you have to have a “special” training schedule.  But you can bounce ideas off of each other from the season before.  What the coach saw, versus what you felt/saw.  Every athlete is different and not everyone needs to be doing the same thing, or some athletes might need to work on certain areas of their fitness more than others.  It also keeps a healthy relationship with the coach and the athlete, which is important for success.

As the weeks move forward, I will gear up more for the outdoor season.  Until then, I’ll be building my aerobic fitness to get ready for the months ahead.  There is nothing on my schedule at the moment in terms of racing, but I hope to open up in late April or May.  Hopefully there are a few 1500 meter races on my schedule as I think I need to continue to become a versatile runner and be able to race in both middle distance events.  But we will see where things take us!

Here is my training schedule for last week…

January 24-February 2


Day Off

Recovery runs of 45-50 minutes
Light weight sessions

80 minute long run

50 minute recovery run

For questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post below or email me directly at mikeruttrunning@gmail.com!

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