Monday, January 13, 2014

Two weeks until my 2014 racing debut!

Here we are in 2014.  It's a new year and it's almost time to open up the indoor season.  Training thus far has been going great.  There was a lot of strength work in the fall and early winter, followed by a little more race-specific training during the last few weeks of 2013.  This year, Coach Gags has made sure that we don't back off at all on our strength workouts as we go into the new year, which has been a great change to our training program.  I feel that I haven't lost any quality on any workouts and I have been completely healthy, knock on wood!

The first competition of the season will be a one mile race at the New Balance Games at the Armory in NYC on January 25.  To get ready for it we have been doing a few workouts at our goal mile pace, which is somewhere between 3:54 and 3:58.  I'm ready to go out and have some fun with all of my teammates that are racing, but once the gun goes off it's all business.

One of the additions I'd like to start making to my blog is a weekly log of sorts.  I'm going to be posting my training including workouts, mileage, and competitions every Monday.  It will be a good way for me to not only paint a picture of my season for you all, but also to help me log my training because I can be a little forgetful sometimes!  I won't always post every single time on an interval but I'll try to keep the logs as detailed as possible.  So here we go!

January 6-12

Morning Track Workout-
7x800 (2:18, :18, :13, :14, :13, :08, :05)
3x200 (25.8, 26.0, 25.8)
Weight Session
Total Mileage: 10

9 mile recovery run

Morning Track Workout-
200, 300, 200, 300, 300, 500 (All at 800 pace)
3 mile run
Weight Session
Total Mileage: 10

9 mile recovery run

15 mile long run with 4 mile tempo in the middle
(5:40, :30, :18, :10)

9 mile recovery run
Core Session

8 mile recovery run

Total Mileage - 70

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